ECO 21 WC-pottide puhastusvahend 5l

ECO 21 WC-pottide puhastusvahend 5l


ECO 21. Toilet bowl cleaner. (Ready to be used) 5 l.

Super strong bactericidal toilet gel.

  • Cleans, descales and sanitises.
  • quickly dissolves scale and rust build-up.
  • Ultra-concentrated .

Badly soiled toilets and urinals need special attention. Quickly removes rust, dissolves organic stains and eliminates hard water residue. Super thick gel formula clings to vertical surfaces and makes it easy to apply under the rim.

Ideal for cleaning toilet bowls and urinals. Safe for use on porcelain and ceramic tiles. As a highly powerful descaler, Toilet Bowl Cleaner is recommended to remove scale, rust and stains in restrooms deep-cleans. 

Suitable for use in a wide variety of establishments including kindergartens, schools, hotels, offices, etc.


Apply under rim and around sides. Allow product to work for 5 minutes. Scrub entire surface and flush to rinse.

Do not use on: chrome, brass, decorative metal surfaces, marble and any other acid sensitive surfaces.  

Environmental information:

Only plant-based surfactants are used. Free from petrochemicals, chlorides, halogens, phosphates and badly biodegradable phosphate replacements. Biodegradable according to latest EU regulation on detergents..


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