ECO 15R Mitme pinna puhastaja 500ml

ECO 15R Mitme pinna puhastaja 500ml


ECO 15. Multi Surface Cleaner. (Ready to use) 500 ml.

All types of surface cleaner.

  • Everyday all purpose cleaner
  • pH balanced formula
  • Ultra-concentrated

Multi surface cleaner for all water washable surfaces. Combines the work of a variety of cleaning products. Gentle on your finish while cleaning up smudges and messes. Keep your surfaces clean and fresh.

Cleans floor, windows, walls, ceramic tiles, metal, furniture, aluminium, stainless steel and all other water resistant surfaces.

MSC is the ideal versatile cleaner for schools, hotels, offices, washrooms, leisure centres, etc.

Directions :


Apply to a cleaned surface and then wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Note: Do not spray onto connected electrical appliances. 

Environmental information:

Only plant-based surfactants are used. Free from petrochemicals, chlorides, halogens, phosphates and badly biodegradable phosphate replacements. Biodegradable according to latest EU regulation on detergents.


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